A romance novel for the young adults, Half Girlfriend is a story that has been set in different locations including Bihar, Delhi and New York; it revolves around a boy who comes from Bihar in India and his deep longing to dazzle out the girl he is in love with.

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Shabana (Taapsee) is a college student and her focus is only on her studies. She is a judo champion too. She is a short tempered girl but many times, she controls on her anger. She do it because of her past. She loves her classmate Jay. One day they go for dating. When they return, they face to four drunk boys....

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Loved this story ?Loved this story ? Upcoming Bollywood Movie- Rangoon Rangoon – The Romantic Drama Movie Saif, Shahid and Kangana starring “Rangoon” will be release on 24th Feb, 2017. It is a beautiful love story written by Vishal Bhardwaj, Matthew Robbins and Sabrina Dhawan. It is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and it’s producer is […]

वैसे तो bollywood में अजीबो गरीब चीज़े होती ही रहती है मगर आज हम बताएगे bollywood के कुछ ऐसे couples के बारे में जिनमे wife और husband की age में wife की age ज्यादा है-